Appearance on the Feminist Visionaries Podcast

Earlier this month I sat down with Meaghan Lamm (the host of Feminist Visionaries Podcast) to talk about the corrosive effects of performative marketing on your brand, your clients, and your team. 

Because, like a whole host of dubious things, performative marketing often starts from within. Inside your company’s culture, burrowing into your message, and affecting how you present yourself to the world.

In this episode, we’ll cover: 

✔️Examples of performative marketing in current culture

✔️How to handle when you get called out in the online space

✔️The steps to take to do better if you’ve caused harm

Listen in on your favourite podcast player or click here to view the episode over on the podcast website.

About the author 


Briar Harvey is a storyteller and systems witch. She believes that everything has a story and exists within a system. The trick then, is figuring out how to change the rules, and tell a better story. You can hear her talk about systems twice a week on her live radio show, Ask Briar. You can also listen to her talk about terrible kids movies on the podcast Latchkey Movies.

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