Hi, I'm Briar.

Do you know what's next? Not just right now, but tomorrow and next week?
What about next month and next year? Do you know what's coming in your life and business? 

You know you NEED systems. But productivity advice just makes you feel guilty. 

What if you knew what was for dinner, and where your keys were?
What if you had an actual plan for your business?
What if you weren't too busy to pursue a hobby? You know, for...fun?
What if you had a place to put the mental load?
What if you weren't always so overwhelmed?
What if you knew what was next? 

Systems sound scary, and boring, and completely unrealistic.

Most productivity advice is bullshit. It’s the legacy of an economy that doesn’t even exist any more. It was created for married male executives, or single college students, but it’s not for the rest of us.

The way we're taught systems isn’t for the people who live on the margins.
It’s not for people with chronic or mental illness.
It’s not for people with disabilities.
It’s not for people with neurodivergent brains.
It’s not for night owls.
It’s definitely not for a woman with very small children, regardless of her employment status.

We have to completely change how we think about systems. We have to personalize them.

If the systems that don't include you aren't ever going to fit your life, then it's time to make like Elsa and let it go. 

Who says you have to do it their way? 

Who says you have to play by someone else's rules?

It's time to build something that benefits you.

The world is in a remarkable state of flux right now, which means that we have the ability to create something, both individually, and together, that is better than what has come before.

But to do that, we actually have to create systems to maximize our resources. We have to identify that which matters most, and that which we are letting go of. 

Your life and your business need systems that are designed for you.

It's about habits and routines.
It’s about rituals and reflections.
It’s about self-care. REAL self-care.
It’s about identifying the things you want, and then figuring out how to get them.
It's about identifying the things that matter most, and being deliberate with your time.
It's about identifying the next step.

Let me help you create systems that will support you.