Need help figuring out your next step?

Your life is already complicated. Getting help shouldn't be.

I don't believe in hiding my prices behind elaborate funnels and miles long sales pages. Those things should be there to help you make a buying decision, not a "is this even in my budget?" decision. Your budget is your budget, and my prices are my prices.

(However, there is no upcharge for an installment plan, because that's what equity looks like.)

There are no cookie cutter solutions to project management, especially if you are neurodiverse. We have to build everything around what you will actually do, because executive dysfunction is a problem almost all of us have, and that means we have to LIKE what we're doing, or we won't do it.  However, I've tried to make working with me as easy as possible. Click below to learn more.

big idea audit

Don't know where to start with systems? Then you need a Big Idea Audit.

Your life and your business are built around your systems, which are designed from a foundation of knowing what you need, and why it matters to you. I map all of the pieces out on paper + create a timeline of growth for the next 12 weeks.

Big Idea Audits are $797. Schedule yours below.

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tech day

Are YOU the bottleneck in your business? 

If you've got a bunch of stuff on your to-do list that you have no intention of ever doing, then you might be the problem. But there's hope! With a tech day, we prioritize all of the problems that are costing you money, honey, and then we solve as many of them as possible in 6 hours. 

Tech Day Intensives are $1997. Now accepting application for August. Click here to apply. 

life reimagined

What do you do when your whole life explodes? You reinvent. You reimagine.

Your life is built around your rituals and routines, which are designed from a foundation of knowing what you need, and why it matters to you. When everything changes, sometimes we have to change too. We spend a full day together, figuring out exactly what that looks like, and how to create these things as a daily practice. 

Life Reimagined is $3997 for a full day one-on-one session, with a month of ongoing Voxer support. Now accepting applications for August. Click here to apply. 

project management

Do you just need someone to tell you what to do?

I work with my clients one-on-one in a twelve week program designed to create and implement the strategies that will save you time, make you more money, and fill you with joy. Weekly sessions + Voxer access + all the workbooks and tools you'll need. (Andplusalso, presents.) This program is $7500 (paid in full), or installments of $2500 a month. Yes, it's the same amount.

All project management clients should start with a Big Idea Audit, which you can schedule above.

funnel design

Are you ready to build something more sustainable?

If you have a product or service that you are successfully selling on a regular basis, then you can create a sales engine that allows you to sell whenever or wherever you want. A complete funnel takes a few months to build, but once it's in place, will require only occasional maintenance. Funnels start at $15k, and are completely customized to your needs.

All funnel design clients start with a Big Idea Audit, which you can schedule above.

click here for more information about scholarships

I leave room in my client roster every quarter to take on one client for a very small fee with some kind of future profit sharing agreement. 

Some of my best teachers have worked with me for barter or on long term payment plans over the years, and this is how I pay that forward.

Is that you? You'll have to ask. Send me an email and I'll send you the application.

click here to learn more about hiring me as a speaker

The stage is my first love.

I give keynote speeches and lead workshops on productivity, time management, grief and loss, mental health, and self-care. Day rates start at $5k, although discounts are available for local organizations and nonprofits.

Email me for more information. 

Not ready to make a commitment?

That's okay. Stick around and get to know me. I share memes and other love notes with my subscribers every few weeks (ish). Plus things I'm reading, books I love, and things to do.

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