What would you do with more time?

It's time to figure out the right system for you!

We begin July 16th 2021!!!

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You missed out!

Approximately 72% of entrepreneurs are considered neurodivergent—32% of us have more than one diagnosis. 

Isn't that exciting???

30% of us have chronic depression.

11% of us are bipolar.

Nearly 29% of us have ADHD. That's almost three times more than the general public.

27% of us have anxiety.

And despite the fact that nearly 35% of autistics are considered "unemployable," an estimated 3-5% of entrepreneurs identify as autistic.

It's too bad that life wasn't really designed with you in mind, isn't it? 

Just Neurodiverse Things: White Space

I mean...let's be honest, shall we?

The reality is, very few things were designed with neurodiversity in mind. Modern workplace productivity is based around systems that were designed in the industrial age. Even now, workers who have been more productive in the last year than they have their entire lives are being forced back into workplaces for "morale" and "cohesion."

And, don't get it twisted.

It may have been more productive, but there has been an increasing lack of respect from employers for work/life balance. Emails at all hours, endless Zoom meetings, an increase in unpaid labor expectations.

Forget any awareness of the fact that everyone's mental health is in crisis right now.

It's no wonder so many of us are entrepreneurs. We don't have any other options.

But I'm here to tell you that you don't have to put up with bad systems.

You can make your own.

I'm going to show you how.

So WTF is White Space, exactly?

According to dictonary.com, it's a:

noun. the unprinted area of a piece of printing, as of a poster or newspaper page, or of a portion of a piece of printing, as of an advertisement; blank spaceWhite space is as effective in a layout as type.

White space is pretty effective in your life and calendar, too. It's how you design your life as deliberately as possible.

It's about giving yourself the gift of TIME.

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Busyness is a choice.

The solution to your time management problems isn't rigorous control or time blocking or anything else that inspires you to feel guilty about what you want to do with your time.


White Space is FREEDOM

When you are neurodivergent, you have to have freedom to encourage your natural learning and working styles. That means figuring out what actually works for you in terms of a regular rhythm or routine. (Notice that I don't say schedule. You probably don't want one of those.)


White Space is REST

So, uh...how's your sleep? Can you nap if you need to? Do you consistently get enough sleep at night, in a way that leaves you feeling refreshed? Compromising on your sleep means compromise in every other area of your life, too.


White Space is EASE

There are likely moments in your life where you feel incredibly guilty for doing Thing X, instead of Thing Y like you're supposed to. White Space means that we give ourselves lots of places to do the things we love, so that when it's time to focus, we can.


White Space is SENSUAL

If you are neurodivergent, your odds of having some sensory processing issues is close to 80%. That means that we have to account for our senses when we build out our habits and routines. What do we need to hear? See? Taste? Smell? Touch? It's all important, and it should be included, not just as an afterthought.

White Space is PEACE.

You know the saying, the years are short, but the days are long?

When you are neurodivergent, the days are very long indeed when you are unhappy. 

That means being happy right now, in the life you have, not in some mythical future life waiting for you on your vision board.

It's hard to hold space for both, but trust me, the effort is totally worth it.

We're here for the lives we ACTUALLY HAVE. 

The Neurodiverse Things Workshops have been designed with you in mind.

Because it's not enough for us to learn a skill. We also have to apply it. So each workshop has been designed to help you implement. You'll get all the tools and templates I have to help figure out what actually works best for you. And then time to actually do it, before we come back for the most actionable Q & A you've ever seen.

The White Space Workshop will teach you how to create and implement actual space into your schedule.

We do this in three steps.

Combating Time Blindness

Whether you're too late or too early, there are some simple ways to start keeping track of your time. 

Time blindness isn't just about how you react to time—it's also how you feel about it.

Laziness or Ease?

Laziness is a class issue. Really.

Once you can identify the ways in which you've been programmed to make yourself feel guilty about not working all the time, you can bring those voices out into the light. Literally.

Building It All In

Rest is a deliberate choice. We have to work at it.

This means choosing what matters, and what we're willing to let go of.

And how to protect your time.

Mike Wayne

Coach and SaaS Creator

Briar is like my personal Jedi Master.

Just one call with her led to an 8k week. 

She asks the hard questions, and makes me think. 

Althea Wiles

Rose of Sharon

I really love my systems now.

It's working! I would not have gotten there without your help in thinking about it in different ways.

Staci Moore

The Oper8tor

I knew I was the voice for others, but Briar helped me reclaim MY VOICE for ME. 

Systems on the outside yelled success on the inside!

About Briar

Briar is a storyteller and systems witch. She helps neurodivergent entrepreneurs take their really big ideas and turn them into a plan.

She believes that everything has a story and exists within a system. The trick then, is figuring out how to change the rules, and tell a better story.

You can hear her talk about stories and systems twice a week on her live podcast, Ask Briar. You can also listen to her talk about terrible kids' movies on the podcast Latchkey Movies. 

But don't worry. She still procrastiplans with the best of 'em.

Briar Harvey Headshot

The best system for you is the one you build yourself.

We apparently have a lot of guilt over that, because it doesn't "look the way it's supposed to."

Says who? Since when are they in charge?

For me, that's slow, peaceful mornings in bed, reading books, doing puzzles, playing with my kids.

It's working with the moon, with as few appointments and calls as possible. If I must have them, it's only with people I genuinely wish to spend time with.

It's afternoon naps, iced tea on my porch, fresh veggies from my garden, and as much time as I want to read and write and dream.

You get to decide what that looks like for you.

Maybe it's being naked all the time.

Maybe it's learning how to play an instrument, or paint, or a hobby you've dreamed about but then dismissed as "taking too much time."

You can't waste time if you've chosen what you're doing.

Let's figure out what that looks like for you.

Here’s What We'll Be Doing

Adding White Space to your life shouldn't be just another chore. If you don't attend the workshops live, no worries! I've got audio and video recordings for you + transcripts, because everyone learns differently.

Workshop #1
July 16th @ 3pm EDT

You'll meet my feline friends, and we'll talk about some concrete changes you can make in your life to build in white space.

Workshop #2
July 30th @ 3pm EDT

Once you build your white space, you might find you feel guilty about it. We'll talk about that.

Totally Optional

Want a workbook? Don't want a workbook? This is for you, then.
Prompts, planning suggestions, and more.

What would it look like if you had more time?

The best part about implementation time is that you'll actually be able to see where you're off track. Because with two weeks in between calls, you'll have time to put your systems to the test and see if they're really working.

The Workshops

For the Do-It-Yourselfer



  • 2 90 minute Zoom Sessions
  • Lifetime Access
  • Transcripts + Private Audio Stream
  • Workbook
Workshops + Audit

For when you want a little hand holding



  • 2 90 minute Zoom Sessions
  • Lifetime Access
  • Transcripts + Private Audio Stream
  • Workbook
  •  60 minute personal audit, where I help you figure out what white space looks like for you

We begin July 16th 2021!!!

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You missed out!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Listen, I want you to be happy with your purchase. 

If for any reason you are dissatisfied with this program, you can contact us within 30 days of purchase for a complete refund.

Working with Briar hasn’t just been a game changer in my business, it’s changed my life because I see obstacles differently.

I thought I was incapable of moving ahead with my big ideas and projects but really I didn’t have the systems. I needed the systems to see where I actually required support. Briar not only helped me see the way through, and take steps to implement but she also showed me through support and encouragement, that I could do it. I’ve honestly never felt so supported. I couldn’t have expected it to be this great.

Grace Edison

Sales Coach

Through working with Briar I not only learned how to build a system that was going to work for me, but also that it was okay to do it in a way that wouldn't make sense to anyone else, wouldn't work for anyone else, and was built around commitments I knew I could keep to myself.

Not a single bit of who I should be, and a whole lot of supporting who I am to be who I could be.

Heather Craik

Game Master

You know you can't have someone set up your system for you, because you'll never learn to use it properly.

But things would be a lot easier if you had someone who mostly told you what to do in what order, walked you through some of your agonizing decisions, so you could see how other people did it. Bottom line: You'd be crazy not to hire Briar if you need better systems for your business.

Shanna Mann

Central Virginia Prep

Thinking differently is an advantage.

Despite what society would have us believe, our strength lies in our ability to interact with the world in a different way. 

Which means the best tools are those we create for ourselves.

Never forget the power of those tools.

Briar Harvey

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