—My Podcasts—

You know how you're supposed to pick a niche and then drill down? Yeah, I suck at that. 

I keep hoping that my "one true path" will be revealed to me, but it's just never shaken out that way. Here are some of my other projects and places you can find me.

Latchkey Movies

The podcast where we take a critical look at the movies your kids are watching without your supervision.

Season whatever now streaming wherever you listen to podcasts!

Wish you could ask Google a follow up question? Well, now you can. Sometimes I even know the answers. Sign up to be a guest here.

Streams live to Facebook and YouTube on Tuesdays and Fridays at 2pm EST.

Also alvailable on Helium After Dark!

—Other Fun Stuff I Do—

Briar Harvey, Storyteller and Systems Witch speaking in an advanced session for Digital Marketing Days event.

Digital Marketing Days is a fantastic event running on the 22nd-23rd April 2021, and I'll be hosting a session on Creating Sales Systems That Work. Click through and sign up to attend!

Content Marketing Summit March 2021 on Clubhouse

Content Marketing Summit was the first of its kind on Clubhouse, comprising of 6 keynote speakers and 24 panelists - including yours truly!
Interested in what happened and whether you can join the next one? Click here.

Clubhouse Summit 2021 took place from the 8th February until the 12th February and had over 100 successful entrepreneurs sharing their best tips, tricks, and strategies for success.
I was there speaking on Creating Systems from Scratch and as a moderator on many other sessions. Curious? Full information is through here.