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"I'm just tired of fighting all the time."

It's not hard to figure out how it happens--LIFE gets in the way. There's nothing remotely sexy about diaper duty, dirty dishes, and Mount Washmore. It's hard to not resent that pile of dirty socks on the floor two feet away from the hamper. It's hard to get excited about the smell of unwashed hair and stale milk. At some point, you stopped viewing your spouse as your partner in crime, and instead as your emotional dumping ground.

But after awhile, all those little slights add up. In a BIG way.

​Suddenly, you realize you haven't had sex in over a month, and frankly, you don't want sex anyhow. Why WOULD you want to sleep with this virtual stranger who can't seem to figure out where the hamper is? (I might personally have an issue about that hamper. Maybe.)

The question then, is how exactly you're supposed to get out of this hole you've dug in your relationship. 

One small action every day can change the world. The same is true for your marriage. ​

Beginning May 1st, I'll walk you through thirty days of daily actions that will help you to reconnect and rebuild. We'll start small, and work our way to the harder stuff. And I promise that it's not going to take a huge investment of time, because LACK of time is what got you here in the first place. 

​You'll get a printable challenge calendar, plus weekly video lessons and other random motivation from me. Plus tons of different ways to connect with everyone else doing the challenge, so you don't ever have to feel like you're alone. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

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