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Briar Harvey Headshot

Hi, I'm Briar.

I stalk new planner releases on Kickstarter and procrastinate by reading articles about productivity. (It's a sickness, I know.)

But what I really love is the magic of a well-designed system.

Look, you didn't get this far without creating and implementing your own systems.

You've long outgrown the days of ramen profitability.

Your client roster is full (maybe even too full), you have programs that actually sell, and your business is already starting to scale.

What you don't have is certainty.

But... you really don't have time to create new systems from scratch.

I get it. You have actual work in your zone of genius to do. Even if you like the idea of learning how to put together a sales funnel, the time it takes is considerable. And it's not just the tech.


  • Your landing pages
  • Your emails
  • Your classroom or membership platform
  • Your payment processor
  • Also, should you hire someone to manage all this?
  • And, not to sound like an infomercial, but...just wait, because there's more you're forgetting!

And, one-size-fits-all doesn't work for you either.

Chances are good your business is...different. You've tried doing things the way all the gurus tell you you're supposed to, but for whatever reason, you and your audience just don't seem to fit into that mold.

Your business isn't quite the same as anyone else's. And that's amazing! You should celebrate that!

But it also means that you need personalized solutions, not cookie cutters. You need systems to attract your ideal clients to your business—not just some random person that isn't interested in what you're doing.

Your business has its own story to tell.

The ways in which we call in our ideal clients are changing. We want to create relationships with businesses that matter, who have products and services that matter.

That means that the story your business tells is paramount. The ways you talk to your customers will carry for the lifetime of your relationship.

So stop beating around the bush, and tell the story you meant to tell in the first fucking place.

Let me help you tell the story that will become a movement.