Project management shouldn't feel like a dystopian nightmare

Date & time :

April 21 - 24 2021

4/23 @ 8pm EDT 


You missed out!

We're having a party, and you're invited!

What if everything you knew about project management was wrong? What if you didn't have to force your brain to adapt to Trello or Asana? What if all you were missing was a clearer understanding of what project management is actually supposed to be?

Do you have to write everything down? Do stickers make you swoon? I have some incredible options for you.

Is Alexa intimately familiar with your daily routine? Do you need to be able to share your projects with lots of people? There's stuff for you.

Do you live in a forest of sticky notes, because everything else you've tried hasn't worked for you? Yes, there's even stuff for you, too. 

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Your Court Jester:
Briar Harvey

Briar is a storyteller and systems witch. She believes that everything has a story and exists within a system. The trick then, is figuring out how to change the rules, and tell a better story.

You can hear her talk about stories and systems twice a week on her live radio show, Ask Briar. You can also listen to her talk about terrible kids' movies on the podcast Latchkey Movies. Coming soon to small stages and dimly lit bookstores near you!

Seats at the live webinar are limited!

Reserve your spot now and join us live for an event that will change the way you think about project management.