Ask Briar

"Briar, should I use Kajabi or build on WordPress?"

"Briar, how do we overthrow the patriarchy?"

"Briar, how long should I wait for my marketing to work?"

"Briar, how do I not kill my children now that they're home all the time?"

"Briar, which project management software should I use?"

"Briar, I need to figure out how to actually stop eating wheat."

"Briar, I can't connect my shopping cart to my email list! How do I fix this???"

"Briar, what are North Carolina's homeschooling laws?"

"Briar, how do I get more organized?"

"Briar, why am I so afraid to get visible?"

To be honest, you can ask Google most of these questions.

But have you ever wished you could ask Google a follow-up question?

Now you can just ask me instead.

Look, sometimes what you want is a real answer, not a canned answer. The answer that hasn't been carefully optimized for SEO, with bullet points and a dropdown menu.

Ask Briar is the advice show where you can go and get that.

I’m like an Oracle, but with more clarity. Ask your questions about business and life and the universe, and I’ll tell you what the best answer is (for you), and how to find the right resources for the job.

And sometimes, that's what you need. Someone to hold your hand, help you get over the decision fatigue, and to help you feel good about your choice, whatever it happens to be.

I don't pretend to be an expert in anything.

But I've been around the block a few times, and these days, that matters more than any credential.

So let's talk about what we don't know. Join me!