Welcome! I'm Briar. 

I'm an author, marketing strategist, and coach. For the last decade, I've been helping people figure out what the next step is, and sometimes, how to take it.

My first book, a collection of advice for my almost adult daughter, is out December 2019.

Here on my little piece of the internet, I also write about business, productivity, feminism, trauma, and mental health, because those things are surprisingly interconnected. 

The backstory

So look. I'm going to be really honest here. The story of who I am and why I do what I do isn't a pleasant one. It's full of trauma and other unpleasantness, and it's not easily encapsulated into bullet points. (Also, every time I try, I sound like a petulant toddler ratting out the universe for bad behavior, which is just not a good look.)

It's easier to tell you what I believe. 

I believe...

  • That it’s not that fucking serious. Whatever it is, it’s just not. that. serious.
  • That forgiveness is a gift we give ourselves.
  • That it is our stories which bind us together.
  • That we are, all of us, threads in the tapestry of life. We cannot exist without each other.
  • I believe in love, compassion, and faith. (And the Oxford comma.)
  • Choosing not to have an opinion is highly underrated. It’s really okay to have no opinion at all.
  • Not every battle is yours to fight. Acknowledge it with grace, and then amplify those who are fighting the fight when you can’t.
  • I am not here for anyone else's politics. I believe the system is fundamentally broken, and our options are to work around it or overthrow it entirely. I choose the first option...for now. 
  • I am not a fan of The Law of Attraction. Intentionally or not, it all too often blames victims for circumstances beyond their control. I do believe in the Law of Attention. The things you focus your attention on will often manifest in your life, so choose wisely.
  • I believe our differences can bring us closer together, if we can keep an open mind.
  • That the height of wisdom is in the ability to change your mind.
  • I believe that fear and scarcity are terrible marketing tactics. Guilt should never be a part of an informed buying decision.
  • Our gifts are precious and few. Nurture them to the exclusion of everything else, and they will become the gift you give back to the world.
  • I believe that self-care when you are a marginalized person is a radical act. 
  • Time, energy, and talent are the only resources we have that can’t be influenced by others. Steward them with care.
  • Life is a series of moments and connections. Always be aware of what you are saying yes to.
  • I believe that joy is always a choice.
  • Learning should be deliberate. Read books, take classes, talk to real people. Social media doesn't count.
  • Try to broaden your horizons, not your friends list. Disconnect as often as you can, and be aware of your time.
  • Speaking of time...it is both precious and short, and also the infinite work of a lifetime. The more aware you are of the balance, the more peace you'll have with it.
  • Everyone has trauma and loss. The trick is not to compare yours to others, but instead, to see the points of commonality.

Protecting my clients’ privacy and identities is of the utmost importance to me, but here are just a few of the lovely things they’ve said about me.

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Briar is the Queen of knowing what to share at exactly the right time.

Briar always tells me what I need to hear, not what I want to hear.

Is it weird that I can't wait to do this class all over again? Because I really can't wait to do this class all over again.

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